An introduction to the life of st john the baptist

John the Baptist was a contemporary of Christ who was known for evangelization and his baptizing of Jesus Christ. John the Baptist was born through the intercession of God to Zachariah and Elizabeth, who was otherwise too old to bear children. According to scriptures, the Angel Gabriel visited Elizabeth and Zachariah to tell them they would have a son and that they should name him John. Zachariah was skeptical and for this he was rendered mute until the time his son was born and named John, in fulfillment of God's will.

An introduction to the life of st john the baptist

John the Baptist Introduction Several years ago I had perhaps the most unusual introduction of my ministry. I was about to preach when a man whom I greatly respect stood to introduce me to the audience. Well, my dear brother had had just about enough of all that, so in introducing me he took a moment to put things in perspective.

First of all, I think that might be the way I would have introduced John the Baptist had the occasion ever arisen. I mean, you have got to admit John the Baptist was a unique individual. Or can you envision an interview with John on the Johnny Carson show?

I find it difficult to even feature John standing behind the pulpit on a Sunday morning. Yes, sir, I think I might preface an introduction of John with a disclaimer, too. Second, although such an introduction contains an element of truth, it also suggests something which it does not seem to convey.

There is a great deal of truth in the fact that our attention should not be so much on the speaker his flashy sport coat, wild shoes, or trembly voicebut on the message which is spoken.

Surely it is wrong to glorify and emulate the messenger. In this sense, we might say that while the Catholic church has only one pope, Protestantism has many.

But my real interest in such a statement is that it can be understood in such a way as to be very misleading, even erroneous. The man cannot be separated from the message.

An introduction to the life of st john the baptist

Messages are seldom more effective than the man who utters them. As I have studied the towering figure of John the Baptist, I have become convinced that the magnitude of his ministry came not only from the greatness of the message, but also from the godliness of the man.

It is my sincere conviction and prayer that our study of this man and his message will be as discomforting and challenging to us as it was to those in his own day.

What was it that compelled residents of Jerusalem to leave the comfort of home to venture miles into the Judean desert to hear John? Some of the uninitiated may puzzle as to why people brave the traffic and the sweltering afternoon heat to watch the Dallas Cowboys. But these people poured out in multitudes, miles into the wilderness to listen to John preach.

And let us remember that John is never reported to have performed so much as one miracle. Even Herod himself was strangely attracted to his preaching.There are many reasons the story of John the Baptist was recorded in the Bible. It still speaks to us 2, years later.

His life story and his message point us to Jesus Christ, show God’s miraculous power and teach the importance of repentance from sin and baptism. Saint John the Baptist spent more time in isolation living the life of a hermit, preparing to carry out his life's mission of leading us to the light of God, than he actually spent among people delivering God's leslutinsduphoenix.coms: There are several lessons we can learn from the life of John the Baptist.

One lesson is that whole-heartedly believing in Jesus Christ is possible. John knew that the Messiah was coming. He believed this with his whole heart and spent his days "preparing the way" for the Lord's coming (Matthew ).

But the road was not an easy one to prepare. Life of Saint John Brief Synopsis St.

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Sources of information about John PDF to print for family reading John the Baptist was a fascinating man. He ate locusts and honey in the desert.

John was the son of the Prophet Zacharias and Elizabeth, who was a kinswoman of the Virgin Mary. St. John is known as the “Forerunner” and “Baptist.”. Born in the late 1st century (circa 5 B.C.), St. John the Baptist was a Jewish prophet who preached the imminence of God's final judgment. All the Tuesdays of the year are dedicated to the memory of St.

John the Baptist. Some Mediterranean countries also dedicate the summer solstice to St.

An introduction to the life of st john the baptist

John. The ritual performed in the solstice is analogous to midsummer celebrations on the Anglo-Saxon world, inspired in the Celtic festivity of Of Birth: Jerusalem.

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