Answer to gun control

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Answer to gun control

People grieved for about three seconds. Then they patted themselves on the back for their righteous beliefs, shared memes about those beliefs, fought with people on social media about gun control, mocked their friends and family, and did absolutely nothing to stem the tide of violence in this nation.

Answer to gun control

Conservatives insisted that the problem isn't guns; it's violence, culture, or something else. Liberals demanded to know what it will take before conservatives will accept some minimal gun control.

They're right to ask. Republican lawmakers are letting people die so they can get more donations. It's despicable, and our side is right to condemn extremists for the monsters they are.

More than people have been killed in mass shootings since Sandy Hook.

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These lives are worth less to Senator David Perdue contact him here than money. Sociopaths like David Perdue who do no more than offer "thoughts and prayers" sicken me. But here's where I diverge from most of my liberal friends: I am equally disgusted by liberals who reflexively call for gun control, but who are unprepared to answer conservatives' tough questions.

Guns have killed people I love. The problem is that what we are doing isn't working. Memes about how stupid and evil Republicans are make us feel good. They don't change minds.

Gun Control Is Not The Answer | Essay Example

They may turn moderates into zealots. They make everyone more entrenched. If we really want to see things change in this country, if we really want to end gun violence, then we have to address the other side's concerns about gun control.

Sure, a small fraction of gun collectors are unreachable. They'll oppose gun control no matter what. A much larger percentage are reasonable. They have valid concerns about how to draft gun legislation in a way that's not racist, needlessly restrictive, or intrusive.

You don't have to like guns. You don't have to agree with the other side, or relish the fact that they make some good points.

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But if you are serious about preventing gun violence, you do have to engage. Otherwise "we need gun control now" is no better than "thoughts and prayers. Its only purpose is to make liberals feel good about themselves.

Liberal friends, we have two choices: If we do that, we get to feel superior. We also get to watch people continue to die. Or we can consider the very legitimate questions that Second Amendment defenders raise, find solutions together, and solve this problem once and for all.

If you're not willing to consider the other side, then you're willing to sacrifice human lives at the altar of your own smug sense of superiority.

How to Research for a Gun Control Essay and What to Write There

That makes you no better than the NRA you condemn. Before you make your next Twitter or Facebook post calling for gun control, consider addressing one of these issues instead: How do you address racial disparities in felony disenfranchisement?

Most advocates of gun control say that "criminals" shouldn't own guns. They support background checks and prohibitions on gun ownership for people with a history of violence. The problem is that convicted felons are already prohibited from owning guns. And the results of that experiment are very clear:Watch video · 51 The Answer to Gun Control It's quite funny.

Both gun regulation advocates and NRA zealots point to Australia to prove their point as to the utility or evil of their tight gun restriction laws. The Simple Truth About Gun Control. Hemenway asks rhetorically. “Answer: zero to once in a lifetime. How about inappropriately—because you were tired, afraid, or drunk in a confrontational.

Answer to gun control

Sep 17,  · LZ Granderson says calls for gun control in the wake of the Navy Yard shootings are beside the point; they're unrealistic and wouldn't solve the problem. Feb 24,  · In the wake of recent school shootings, gun control is being emphasized more than ever, but is gun control really the answer?Reviews: 1.

Gun control is not the answer By The Flyer access_time 9 months ago chat_bubble_outline Leave a comment Activists and students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School attend a gun control rally at the Florida State Capitol building.

The Parkland killer didn ’t use some exotic weapon. He used a ubiquitouscaliber AR-pattern rifle, the most common sporting and target-shooting rifle in the United States.

Four Questions to Ask in Your Next Gun Control Debate