Carter cleaning company the new safety program

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Carter cleaning company the new safety program

Performance Management at the Carter Cleaning Company Performance management system The current conditions surrounding Carter Cleaning Company evolves on a lackluster performance of both the rank-and-file and management level employees of the company.

The following parts will be discussing the proposed performance management system to be imposed to the company in order to address the current issues that it is experiencing. Rationale The realization of organizational development will be inexorably unattainable without the concurrent improvement in the performance of the individual units of the company.

Taylor and PierceDevelopment starts from the individual employee. This intent to achieve development is the basis of implementing a performance management system in Carter Cleaning Company.

Studies have indicated that implementing such as system will allow the company to adjust areas of human resources, compensation and rewards system, learning, career planning, work design, recruitment and selection, performance coaching, and performance appraisal processes to suit the conditions and demands of doing business.

Gilley and Cunich11 The succeeding parts of will present the performance management plan of the company. Planning for the Required Standard of Performance Based on the issues uncovered in the initial observations of the Carter Cleaning Company, the implementation of jobs of the employees part-time cleaners, supervisors, and area managers display overlapping and often times confusing elements on the exact demands of the work.

It is in this part of the system that job descriptions are classified and clarified. Dibble31 In the same regard, this is the part where the objectives of the company are formulated.

More specifically, the performance expectations from the cleaners, supervisors and managers are established to mesh well with the general objectives and mission statement of Carter Cleaning Company.

In establishing the goals of the company and expectations from the employees, the professional development and improvements in work quality are defined using the said goals as benchmarks. Taylor and PierceThe job descriptions and expected work output is as follows: Supervision of Employee Performance Monitoring of the employees is one of the cornerstones of proper personnel management.

In doing this activity, it allows the management to determine which specific part of the job description the employees require improving. Valentine In the same regard, it is in this process where, aside from directly appraising the potential and consequent performance of the employee, performance coaching and even reinforcement is directly given to the cleaners of the company.

In this regard, a balance between the performance and the level of motivation of the employees are maintained. Development of the Individual Employee It is in this part of the performance management system where the area of employee development is centered. The supervisors and managers of the CCC are the ones that are directly responsible for this part of the performance management system.

Specific areas like learning, training and even career planning are covered by this area of the system. Gilley and Cunich11 Other minor tasks as providing certain assignments will establish the strengths and competencies of the employees. Appraisal of the Employee This area covers the appraisal period of the employees.

Specifically, a period of days minimum is set aside for the appraisal period. The cleaners are to be appraised by the supervisor. Consequently, the supervisors are to be appraised by the managers while the managers are to be appraised by Cara, Jack and Jill.

In the middle of a fiscal year, a midterm review will also be conducted to establish whether any development in the weaknesses, strengths and competencies of the employees are seen. All in all, certain critical elements will be measured to improve the performance of CCC.

Kiel; MaidaniThe imposition of awards and incentives based on the merits of the individual employees are to be based on the appraisal and merits provided for in performance management system.

The arguments for and against the use of rating scales It has been indicated above that the appraisal systems are vital parts of the overall performance management system. The use of rating scales will provide the CCC with the needed structure in their performance appraisal systems.

More specifically, it intends to establish objectivity in the process. This is done by giving out standardized set of criterion that will be applicable to all employees.

Carter cleaning company the new safety program

Smith, Hornsby, Shirmeyer10 In the same account, it provides a quantifiable measure of the behavior of the employees. Goffin and JacksonIn uncovering this facet of the personnel, then the company will be able to understand what types of techniques that will best fit the organization with reference to the culture and behavior present.

Moreover, with the scientific nature of rating scales, they are quick and rather uncomplicated to carry out.New business and discussion of special safety projects Meeting adjourned 9 (Please check each item as it is completed) 1.

Company/Department Name: _____ TRAINING PROGRAM (INSERT COMPANY NAME)is committed to providing safety related orientation and training to all employees at all levels. The Safety Director will develop, implement, and.

Carter cleaning company the new safety program

Chapter 3: Strategic HRM and the HR ScorecardContinuing Case: The carter cleaning company: the high performance work system1. Would you recommend that the company expand its quality program? If so,specifically what form should it take? Ans: Most students will agree that there are opportunities to expand the quality program.

The employee meeting approach is a [ ]. A Framework for Human Resource Management provides readers and practicing managers with a concise yet thorough review of essential HR management concepts–including fundamental practices, methods, topics, and relevant legal findings–in a highly readable and accessible format.

Your Business Deserves the Best! For over 12 years the management of Carter Cleaning Company has provided consistent, results-driven janitorial cleaning services to the Elk River area, Northwest metro and Southwest metro in MN.

Continuing Case: Carter cleaning company: The new Training program. 1.

What specifically should the company cover in their new employee orientation program, and how should they convey this information? Sep 20,  · Performance management system. The current conditions surrounding Carter Cleaning Company evolves on a lackluster performance of both the rank-and-file and management level employees of the company.