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Congo essays

The Congo came to us through missionary work and it was very heroic. And then I got the feeling, which I still have today, that during my training, my education, I had been deceived about the Congo.

The Statistical Yearbook of the N. In this table, the population was divided into three categories: The presence of a separate category for missionaries points to the fact that they were very important in colonial society.

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The colonial attitude in general has frequently been the subject of analysis. The question raised in this chapter is more specific: A number of aspects of missionary life have been the subject of research in recent years. Jean Pirotte, who wrote an important work on the mission periodicals in Belgium, gives a good overview of relevant research questions about the missionaries during the colonial period.

Further, a number of works have recently appeared which try to capture the missionary spirit, at least partially.

It is certainly not the intention to deal with all these questions systematically in the framework of this thesis, let alone to answer all of them. Indeed, the difficulty with which this specific theme is dealt in the existing scientific literature is striking.

When Depaepe and Van Rompaey discussed the ideas of the missionaries they talked predominantly about the appreciation of the black intellect and character and they supported themselves, necessarily, with the views of a pair of figures considered influential, namely Pierre Charles and Gustaaf Hulstaert.

Even so, the statement must at the same time be interpreted itself. The reality was, after all, more complex than that. It is not appropriate to paint all missionaries as uncompromising, dogmatic people, who did not want to learn about their surroundings, or at least did not try to understand them.

Moreover, it appears from the available literature that it is very difficult to pursue certain conclusions or hypotheses to the level of daily practice. Missiology counts as the scientific approach to missionary work, which itself developed during the colonisation of Belgian Congo.

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The question of whether these theories and ideas actually found their way into the field is far harder to answer. The question of whether there was an influence from the Missiological Weeks on the formation of missionaries is only formulated explicitly by one participant: It is truly very difficult to establish this.

In any case, they are not to be found explicitly in the archives. There was a sense of an immense need for training. Lesson by a Father in the Equator area Closer to home, it also appears from recent research that the truth is certainly not to be found in the missiological discourse.

Carine Dujardin, who did extensive research into the missionary work of Scheut in China, asked a number of former missionaries about the influence of the Semaines Missiologiques, which seemed to have been of national and even international renown at the time.

Dujardin cites a number of reasons for this: She also gives a fifth reason: He or she can try to observe these people themselves and to look at their ideas in detail. I have in this case chosen to work in two phases.

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Firstly, as an introduction, I will give a short general sketch of colonial conceptualisation in the mother country.Opposing Viewpoints of Capital Punishment - “Death penalty is a deterrent,” by George E. Pataki and “The Death Penalty Should Not Be Abolished,” by David B.

Muhlhausen are two articles that support capital punishment as a deterrent of crime.

Congo essays

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