Ece thesis projects

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Ece thesis projects

Each plan of study is developed by the student in consultation with his or her advisor, and must be submitted prior to completing 12 hours of graduate credit. Core requirements for both options are discussed below. Master of Science Thesis The thesis option is encouraged for most students — particularly for all students interested in pursuing a Ph.

The thesis represents the results of independent research performed under close supervision of a faculty advisor. Oral Exam The final oral exam is a defense of the thesis before an examining committee of three faculty members.

Upon application for the thesis defense, students are required to submit a technical paper or abstract, based on some aspect of the thesis research, in a form suitable for submission to a regional technical conference. Course Work Students pursuing the thesis option are required to complete a minimum of 21 credit hours of course work, plus a maximum of 9 credit hours of thesis work to be applied toward the degree.

Ece thesis projects

Master of Engineering Non-Thesis The non-thesis option is primarily intended to meet the needs of off-campus students whose access to regular meetings with an advisor is limited and is not recommended for those students wishing to continue for a Ph. Oral Exam Students will take an oral final exam, consisting of either a presentation of a project by the student either individual or from a class or questions over course work from the examination committee.

Course Work Students pursuing the non-thesis option are required to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of course work. In addition, students are encouraged to take six credit hours in mathematics or statistics. Specific math requirements are part of the degree program.

A minimum grade point average GPA of 3. Master of Information Technology An online masters degree in information technology, or graduate certificates, are available through Virginia Tech's MIT program. They may, however, need to make up courses in certain areas.Apr 25,  · ECE Projects Ideas.

After the completion of the M-tech thesis topics in Electronics and Communication, students will pursue the career in commission organizations like consulting, broadcasting, electronic communication, system support, and analysis and development or in physical science producing’s a research-based programmer, during which the first stress is on the thesis.

Students under the Thesis and the Non-thesis Project options must select a program committee that is composed of at least 3 members of the graduate faculty of ECE.

The graduate program advisor generally serves as the chairman of the committee. They include two required computer engineering core courses, two more required courses for one of the five areas of specialization, and additional courses (a master's project is equivalent to one course while thesis to two courses).

Theses and Project Publications Albertson’s Library has a number of past thesis and project publications available for check out. Search the chronological list of thesis and project publications by topic or author and contact the library to check out any items of interest.

Thesis or Project: Thesis Option: A written paper that represents a modest research contribution. The student must list credits of ECE on the M.S. program.

Thesis and Comprehensive Requirements: The department offers both MS Plan 1 (thesis) and MS Plan 2 (written comprehensive exam).Students in the MS program must select either Plan 1 or Plan 2 by their fourth quarter of study.

Students in the MS Plan 1 (thesis) must take twelve units of ECE (Research) and must submit a thesis as described in the general requirements of the university.

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