Essay on the moviegoer

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Essay on the moviegoer

Monday, December 11, critical quackery Hollywood's season of unquenchable avarice officially kicked off early this morning - at 5: It's also a time when working professional critics mostly in print become more self-important and petty than usual, exploiting the popularity of the Golden Globes telecast by making derisive, left-handed comments about the Hollywood Foreign Press, questioning the group's "integrity" or lack thereof and identifying its members as mere "journalists" or, worse yet, glorified "fans"not bona fide critics like the snarky group on the attack.

A professional movie critic is as much a "mere journalist" as an HFP member from Norway and, the fact is, your average movie critic is no more qualified to comment on film than that HFP writer or, for that matter, some nerdy film buff pontificating on a computer in his parents' basement.

Essay on the moviegoer

I use the gender identification "his" because most nerdy movie buffs are usually guys. But, of course, there's also a difference between an educated opinion and a casual one - and an educated opinion is invaluable and is what a good critic has to offer.

I've met and become friends with dozens of movie critics during my years reviewing films and I can say with confidence that most of the ones whose work I admire if not all of them had no formal training in film or critical analysis of any sort. We all came from different scholastic backgrounds, we had different majors in college but we shared a passion for film that's been lifelong.

We each started life as movie buffs and were blessed that someone was smart or stupid enough to hire us. Our "educated opinions" on film were the result of obsessive moviegoing, repeat moviegoing way before it became acceptablereading reviews and books on movies, and "reading" movies themselves rather than just sitting there, passively, watching them.

Nope, no "formal training" here. It was self-education, pure and simple, and it continued on the job as one refined one's writing style and continually and with much excitement discovered elements in movies that one's readers might otherwise miss.

Anyone with a deep interest in film and with the luck of the draw could accomplish this. Timing is important and, again, luck.

I've known several writers, committed to film, who have dreamed for years - nay, decades - about becoming professional movie critics, a dream that's been evasive. On the other hand, I've known more than a few newspaper writers who have landed the gig accidentally - plucked from somewhere else in the newsroom the rewrite desk or sports section to fill in occasionally and review a film or two - and who ended up with the title, "movie critic.

The bad ones simply string adjectives around a movie synopsis - easy, lazy reviewing - and the reader learns But they get hooked because, hey, movie criticism is a seemingly glamorous beat. The idea of who or what is a "movie critic" has morphed over the years, first with the advent of the home computer and then with the social-media blitz.

Amateur movie critics who churn out opinions sometimes educated, but mostly casual on their sites can attract a following and think they're on par with professionals sometimes they are, but mostly they aren't.

The movie-rating site, Rotten Tomatoes, provides exposure to what seems like thousands of "critics" I've never had the patience or the time to count and a wide majority of them are nobodies sharing the same stage as the somebodies, who are clearly in the minority.

But there's a chance that some of these nobodies are better reviewers than the somebodies. This movie-review madness can be traced directly to Siskel and Ebert and the various shows they hosted.

There was a time when reviews of film attracted only a small, select group of newspaper readers - people interested in the arts in general and movies in particular. And critics were seen as stuffy professorial types, miserable and unpleasant and deserving of their misery think Addison DeWitt or Anton Ego.

This impression changed rather dramatically with Siskel and Ebert who were two regular guys sitting around talking about movies the way most men talk about sports. Roger and Gene popularized movie reviewing, bringing the profession out of the closet, so to speak. Suddenly, everyone was an expert on movies and, with the internet providing a bottomless pit of resources, people who were limited previously to verbal opinions were now documenting them on-line as self-described "movie critics" or "film historians," titles never truly earned.Essay one the moviegoer digimon world myotismon research papers biology unit 5 essay mark schemes for lab andy warhol self portrait descriptive essay words essay on nature ceili bands essay leaving cert archives nationals expository essays archives nationals expository essays mermaids are real essay about virginia.

Walker Percy's The Moviegoer Essay Words | 6 Pages. Walker Percy's The Moviegoer Walker Percy is the author of The Moviegoer, which is written about a young man named John Binkerson Bolling otherwise known as Binx. He is the main character who grows up in New Orleans. Secular scripture and Cormac McCarthy's The Road.(Critical essay).

Renascence: Essays on Values in Literature (Spring ): p(15). ( words) Percy's The Moviegoer, Binx Bolling, suffering from existential malaise, writes in his notebook, "Abraham saw signs of God and believed. Now the only sign is that all the. essay one the moviegoer library of congress dissertation abstracts karting lessay adresse mail cyber law research paper pdf agri commodity markets research paper beller commercial retail research paper essay on uses of internet essay about gaza siegel frank serpico essay help essay on teenage driving license words in pages double spaced.

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The moviegoer by Walker Percy | Essay Example

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Writing an essay about an event Walker Percy was an internationally renowned novelist and essay writer who was born and raised in Alabama. He studied to be a doctor, but found his calling as a writer, penning The Moviegoer, an award-winning novel that deals with a young man in New Orleans, Louisiana, attempting to find his place in the world around him.
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