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What You Need To Know There are a few things you need to know about your garden before designing its layout and selecting plants. Favourite plants and suitability to local climate Just because you like the taste of a certain fruit or vegetable doesn't make it suitable to grow in your climate. If it isn't it will suffer stress and struggle to survive.

Fruit expert hessayon

Cultivars[ edit ] Several cultivars have been selected, and some are found in both Great Britain, Ireland and the United States. There are still relatively few varieties of damson, with The Garden recording no more than "eight or nine varieties" in existence at the end of the 19th century; [23] some are self-fertile and can reproduce from seed as well as by grafting.

An letter to the Journal of horticulture and practical gardening claimed that the original seedling had been found by a Mr.

Herbert, the tenant of a market garden in Stroodwho had given it to Crittenden. Shropshire Damson, shown at centre left. Although orchards of the Aylesbury Prune are now rare, Aylesbury Vale District Council has made efforts to conserve it. The medium to large, obovoid purple fruit is relatively sweet with dryish flesh.

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It had a mealy texture and acid flavour, and by the s it was no longer planted. White damson[ edit ] Although the majority of damson varieties are blue-black or purple in colour, there are at least two now-rare forms of "white damson", both having green or yellow-green skin.

The National Fruit Collection has accessions of the "White Damson Sergeant " [47] and the larger "White Damson Taylor ", [48] both of which may first have been mentioned in the s.

To confuse matters, the White Bullace was in the past sold in London markets under the name of "white damson". Uses[ edit ] The skin of the damson can have a very tart flavour, particularly when unripe the term "damson" is often used to describe red wines with rich yet acidic plummy flavours.

The fruit is therefore most often used for cooking, and is commercially grown for preparation in jam and other fruit preserves. Some varieties of damson, however, such as "Merryweather", are sweet enough to eat directly from the tree, and most are palatable raw if allowed to fully ripen.

They can also be pickled, canned, or otherwise preserved. The Luxembourg speciality quetschentaart is a fruit pie made with insititia plums. Most cooks then remove the stones, but others, either in order not to lose any of the pulp or because they believe the flavour is better, leave the stones in the final product.

A limited number of damson stones left in jam is supposed to impart a subtle almond flavour, [51] though as with all plums damson stones contain the cyagenic glycoside amygdalina toxin. Damson gin is made in a similar manner to sloe ginalthough less sugar is necessary as the damsons are sweeter than sloes.

Insititia varieties similar to damsons are used to make slivovitza distilled plum spirit made in Slavic countries. No currant wine can equal it. Porcher "Sorting ''Prunus'' namesin "Multilingual multiscript plant names database, University of Melbourne.

Later expanded editions also distinguish between "damascene" and "damson", the latter being described as "smaller and [with] a peculiar bitter or roughness".Buy a cheap copy of The Fruit Expert (Expert Books) by D.G.

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Dr Hessayon is the world’s best-selling horticultural author - his Expert series of gardening books have sold over 53 million has been honoured by Queen Elizabeth who created him an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to British horticulture. The essential guide to growing all types of fruit.

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Fruit expert hessayon

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