Illiteracy education and others human beings

In the newly independent countries, the fight against illiteracy took on a new lease of life. The Second World Conference on Adult Education Montreal, advocated the organization of a massive campaign which, with the support of industrialized countries, would permit the eradication of illiteracy in just a few years. Inthe General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution inviting UNESCO to make a general review of all aspects of the issue of the eradication of illiteracy worldwide.

Literacy provides a person with the ability to acquire information to develop the know-how called education. The Boring Bug on January 25, It was a misty morning.

It is the survival of the fittest, always has been. The student boasted of an erstwhile schooling and argued that he could read and write and was thus educated. As the train reached its destination, both fathomed at the incompetence of each-other.

A large sector believes it to be one and the same, while some believe that literacy is a step-stone to education. Then what is the difference between literacy and education?

Literacy is defined as acquiring the ability to read, write and understand. It is entirely concerned with the art of reading and writing.

Illiteracy education and others human beings

It provides information that can be used as mean to attain knowledge. While an educated person can be literate, every literate person cannot be called educated. Whereas literacy is a narrower concept that tends to maintain the status quo.

Education aims to make a person rational i. It includes developing skills and learning to manoeuvre them in the right direction. A common belief maintains that educated people are bereft of superstitions, biasedness, irrational socio-religious beliefs, and customs.

Also, education brings revolution in the way of thinking. It encourages a person to think out of the box creatively. It inspires a person to be curious, innovative and develop a rational behaviour.


The relative behaviour is dependent upon people, where the form of education varies. A person may be literate and also educated; A person may be literate but not educated; A person may be illiterate but still be educated; And a person may be illiterate and uneducated.

Another misconception nurtured by our society is that a person with an educational degree or a diploma is educated. If that was the case then the founding fathers of our constitution would not have been addressed as learned. A student cannot be considered educated with a mere ability to read and write.

The student has to be changed in whole, which includes teaching him to be socio-legally responsible towards the society. Further, literacy is not the sole form of education. An illiterate person can still be learned just like emperor Akbar and poet Kabira were.

Illiteracy education and others human beings

For example, a politician being illiterate may still be highly skilled in the art of being a politician; a painter in the skill of painting, a musician in the art of making music etc.

She was primarily illiterate but at the age of 71 led a procession of six thousand supporters to take over the Tamluk police stations.

Despite being illiterate she was learned and educated in the art of politics and being a rebel. Reading book after book the whole world died, and none ever became learned!

Education is a combination of experience and practice which not necessarily includes literacy. Historically many saints and philosophers, though illiterate guided the coming generations with their experienced teachings.

There have been some famous illiterate people from history: Isabella Baumfree, once an African-American slave in New York, made an escape inbecame a Christian, changed her name to Sojourner Truth and dedicated herself to spreading evangelism. His establish empire was the largest ever established, stretching from the Caspian Sea to the Sea of Japan, with over tribes and cities under his rule.

He is remembered for his performance on the field. The greatest issue with our society is that it denotes literacy at par with education. It strives to make a country full of literates but not educated. A literate can read, write and understand but may not turn out to be a responsible person.

Education may not necessarily construe people to be visionary but can make them rational and responsible citizens. What is the difference between education, literacy and being learned?

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Why do we call our forefathers and the framers of our constitution learned people, but not literate or educated?Economic Illiteracy. that the statement is “false” and that redistributing control over property cannot change the underlying nature of human beings.

In truth, “self-interest” remains an adequate term for describing human behavior, and it applies as much to government officials as it does to anyone else.

Southern is a small. There are three perspectives that can be taken, two result in a rejection of the notion of physical illiteracy and one supports there being a disposition we could call physical illiteracy. human embodied beings rely on movement potential to stay alive.

Journal of Sport Science and Physical Education, 65, Tags:embodiment, human. In the final report of the Fifth International Conference on Adult Education, organized by UNESCO, it was concluded, "the acquisition of knowledge and basic skills we all need in a rapidly changing world, and a is a free fundamental right of human beings.

Why literacy matters This chapter explores the case for literacy, especially for youth and adults. It summarizes the pursuit of other human rights, just as human rights education is a tool for combating illiteracy.

The Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action calls on states to eradicate illiteracy. We will write a custom essay sample on Illiteracy: Education and Others specifically for they don’t know the importance of knowledge that religion Islam defines them.

so they don’t know the rights of others. uman beings can be divided into two catagories. male and female. male as the dominant kind, does not allow woman to get there. From Illiteracy to Literature presents innovative material based on research with ‘non-reading’ children and re-examines the complex relationship between psychoanalysis and literature, through the lens of the psychical significance of.

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