Is animal testing all that bad

Measures[ edit ] At the end of the nineteenth century, kosher butchering and vivisection animal experimentation were the main concerns of the German animal welfare movement. The Nazis adopted these concerns as part of their political platform. Byafter Hitler had ascended to the Chancellery and the Nazis had consolidated control of the Reichstag, the Nazis immediately held a meeting to enact the ban on vivisection. On April 21,almost immediately after the Nazis came to power, the parliament began to pass laws for the regulation of animal slaughter.

Is animal testing all that bad

But should it be? Laboratory animal testing in cosmetics — as example — is considered cruel. Is laboratory animal testing of pet food any less cruel?

What are feeding trials? Purposely bred cats and dogs are animals specifically bred to be test subjects; specifically bred to be calm under laboratory conditions.

Most of these animals never have a home, often never see daylight. Most of these cats and dogs are born, raised and die within laboratory kennel settings.

The flavoring of pet food is a billion dollar a year industry. AFB International is one company that specializes in testing pet food flavorings. This yields a cheap, nutritious pellet that no one wants to eat. Cats and dogs are not grain eaters by choice, Moeller is saying.

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What happens to these dog and cat test subjects after the testing is over? Which means, most test animals spend their entire lives in research kennels. How can you know? Most pet foods also brag about feeding trials on their website.

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If you see a flavor ingredient, call the company and ask: At this point, there is no certification program to verify pet foods are laboratory animal testing free, but there is such verification for human products.

To find certified human products that are not tested on animals visit LeapingBunny. I can think of absolutely no instance where laboratory kennel animal testing is necessary for pet food. Two pet food companies Just Food for Dogs and Answers Pet Food have proven there are more humane methods to verify nutritional adequacy; all others should follow their lead.

Wishing you and your pet s the best, Susan Thixton.Top 10 Reasons Why Animal Testing Is Necessary We are all used to seeing distressing campaigns for ‘ethical’ cosmetics or to ban animal testing.

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Those who are against animal testing will often say that it does not work – citing cases such as the thalidomide babies (thalidomide was shown safe in animal tests). What is animal testing? An animal test is any scientific experiment or test in which a live animal is forced to undergo something that is likely to .

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Animal experimenters want us to believe that if they gave up their archaic habit, sick children and other victims would drop dead in droves.

Is animal testing all that bad

Animal testing has contributed to many life-saving cures and treatments. The California Biomedical Research Association states that nearly every medical breakthrough in the last years has resulted directly from research using animals.

5 Reasons Testing on Animals Makes No Sense We may not be able to end all forms of animal testing as quickly as we want, such as experiments in medical facilities or at pharmaceutical.

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