Jacelyn tay business plan

Share One of the issues small-business owners have to contend with is staying current with the many obligations for local, state and federal taxes. While most business owners hire an accountant or a tax professional to deal with tax-related issues, understanding the tax system is important to those who bear the ultimate responsibility for fulfilling all tax obligations. This article will focus on the business owner's obligations with regard to payroll taxes.

Jacelyn tay business plan

Load more When celebrity mum Kate Pang announced her departure from Mediacorp in Octoberit came as no surprise. After all, the year-old is one devoted mum who put her promising future in showbiz on hold when her little ones came along — Aden is now four; and Avery, two.

She and actor-hubby Andie Chen, 33, are now focusing on their Youtube channel, Kandie Family, where they cover parenting topics such as child-rearing, health and nutrition, and pregnancy. But the road leading to this was not an easy one. I still do cane, but in a reasonable way You shared an Instagram post about how your marriage hit the rocks after the kids came along.

Before we got married, people around me were constantly telling me that there will be many marital problems after the kids come along. But it was only after giving birth that I realised what everyone was telling me was true.

Having kids was a huge turning point for Andie and I — we never thought that it would bring problems to our marriage. We loved the kids more, and the love and affection we had for each other transitioned towards them.

As a result, we argued over this issue countless times. A happy marriage equals to happy kids. At the end of the day, we both agree that the joy the kids give us helps to balance the differences in our marriage as well. Evelyn Tan shares her parenting secrets Both of you left Mediacorp to start your own company.

We were pondering this for quite some time.

jacelyn tay business plan

We knew we needed a concrete long-term plan. At the same time, we started our company and managed it to a point where we needed more time and space. Job-wise, some things have changed.

When I was an actress, my only responsibility was to memorise my scripts and act. Family-wise, my time with the kids has multiplied. Our content is always related to parent-child relationships, and this is also one of the reasons we are striking out on our own.

Not only do we have better management of our time, but we can also plan all our videos to include the children — this allows us to spend more time with them while we are working. The kids are very inquisitive, so they will come over and take a look and ask lots of questions. What are your thoughts about putting them in the limelight?

And we told Aden to run if someone does this to him again. He just finds filming fun and enjoyable. I try to have as much bonding as I can with my sons What are some parenting problems you have faced?

One example is school refusal — and this was a huge headache for us. You bought it from the department store, right? This way, it helps our kids understand that going to school makes them smarter.

Usually, Aden will sob and say no.

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Celebrity dad Andie Chen: My kid has to earn his keep too Since we are on the topic of discipline, which methods work for you? Oftentimes, when the little one does something wrong, most parents will scold and settle the problem for them.

But kids need to learn that certain actions lead to certain consequences. I believe that in the past, parents scolded and hit their children because they love them. Technology is so advanced now, and there are lots of ways to make friends. They might think people out there care for them more, and they will never think that their parents love them the most.

How do you achieve work-life balance? My kids are my top priority and they are the most important people in my life. If I have to sacrifice one, work will definitely go.Jacelyn Tay is the second sister and the ugliest and wishes to find a boyfriend, Rui En is the youngest and is the prettiest.

jacelyn tay business plan

She has plenty of suitors but won't settle down. Nnadia Chan is the eldest. Felicia Chin, Jean Danker and Jacelyn Tay were some of the celebs at the launch of Love, Bonito’s flagship store.

8Days: 5 Things To Know About The New Love, Bonito Flagship Store Beloved local fashion label Love, Bonito has finally hammered down roots at @Somerset, with a Flasghip Store where customers can try on their "Asian-fit" clothes.

Over 8 years’ experiences in Global sourcing, Procurement, logistics and International trading business. Understand the quality management system, such as ISO Title: Supply Chain Manager at . Nov 30,  · Had to google Jacelyn Tay to find out why she's so famous Found out that she'e just another ex-media corp star.

I read that she's from NUS and that she's written some books. Oct 20,  · The Vikings rely on Latavius Murray's size, durability and sneaky burst out of the backfield. And Murray is equally busy off the field, with a young family and .

This drama weaves an adrenaline-pumping plot that revolves around the art of deception – the premise of this show is founded on the three types of swindlers that exist in the world: the blue scorpions, who cheat people of their money, the red ones, who cheat of love, and .

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