Maynilad water treatment process

The water that we flush out of our toilets?

Maynilad water treatment process

Hub Pacheco Aquilino and seven other Tondo residents died while over more were hit in one of the biggest outbreaks of water-borne diseases in the country in the past decade.

Water from the two Metro Manila concessionaires is generally safe, according to experts. In Metro Manila and surrounding areas, tap water is delivered to homes, offices, and establishments through networks of pipelines managed by Maynilad Water Services Inc.

Maynilad and Manila Water derive their mandate from the privatization of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System MWSSwhich has been Maynilad water treatment process since to deliver potable water to Metro Manila residents and a few surrounding provinces See Part 1: Stories of death and disease, however, have dirtied the image of Maynilad and Manila Water through the years, spreading through anecdotes and receiving media attention.

Tondo, Manila, where the outbreak occurred, belonged to the concession area of Maynilad. When the outbreak took place, the concession agreement was already in place. Illegal connections, leakages Both concessionaires invariably attribute incidents like the outbreak to reasons beyond their control, such as illegal connections and poor hygiene.

Such connections could lead to leakages that allow contaminants to seep into pipelines, Mancera explains. That is already the responsibility of the customer. They say that a number of their safety standards even exceed those required by the government.

Water makes at least six major stopovers to ensure its quality once it is delivered to individual households in Metro Manila and surrounding areas. Before it reaches our faucets, tap water travels from as far as Quezon province to Quezon City — in this case, the La Mesa treatment plant of Maynilad.

Paterno Esmaquel II The basic process involves the following steps: Compliance with drinking water standards is regulated by the Department of Health DOHthe lead agency tasked to implement the Sanitation Code of the Philippines.

Both Maynilad and Manila Water say they regularly pass and even exceed a number of PNSDW requirements—in particular, the required level of residual chlorine.

This means that if water, at the treatment plant, is mixed with 0.

Maynilad water treatment process

Water from Maynilad has a residual chlorine level of 0. The pronouncement was issued on August A Manila Water staff member performs laboratory testing on water. Mancera notes that before the privatization, MWSS only had to water sampling points for both the West and East Zones—less than a third of the current sampling points of Maynilad and Manila Water combined.

Both Maynilad and Manila Water add that they have successfully brought down non-revenue water NRW or systems losses caused by leaks and defective meters, among other things.Maynilad built several wastewater treatment facilities that aim to protect the environment and the health of the communities living near the estero.

Wastewater treatment is a process that converts wastewater (or those super dirty, cannot be used water) into clean water that can be used again or could be safely disposed to the estero. They further purify the potable water supplied by Maynilad, for instance, by utilizing water treatment equipment.

Sundarijal Water Treatment Plant

How about our wastewater? Wastewater is referred to as the water we use for drinking, bathing, cooking, and other household activities. Putatan Water Treatment Plant 2 The new plant is situated in Muntinlupa, in the south of the metropolitan area of Manila, next to an existing Water Treatment Plant (Putatan 1).

The new plant will provide drinking water to almost 6 million people. Both Maynilad and Manila Water vouch for the safety of their water transmission, treatment, and distribution processes. They say that a number of their safety standards even exceed those required by .

Maynilad Water Services is upgrading and retrofitting its La Mesa and Putatan water treatment plants to address threats of rising turbidity levels in its raw water sources. Establishment of the Front End Engineering Design Process for Maynilad CAPEX projects 2.


Development and Standardization of the Testing and Commissioning Guidelines for Maynilad Title: Program Management Officer at .

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