Prostitution one of the ugly truths

The Truth Comes Out! Well, there is and he has: His name is Scotty Bowers and his book Full Service:

Prostitution one of the ugly truths

Janssen If you read the title of this article and decide to look away, I understand. There is something in the horrible words themselves - the trafficking in people - that turns your stomach.

Yet, the headlines keep coming, because the problem keeps growing. As expats, we are familiar with crossing national borders and choosing to live outside our birth countries. But these fellow world travelers represent the very darkest side of the international movement of people.

Whether referred to as human trafficking, people trafficking, trafficking in persons, or similar names, it is a scourge of appalling magnitude and devastation.

It happens all around us and it needs to be addressed. So since you have chosen to keep reading, let me share with you some ugly truths.


Trafficking of humans exists According to US Department of State estimates, more than one million human beings are trafficked each year, predominantly women and children of both sexes. Most of the trafficking in people is for the purpose of forced sexual commerce.

This differs from prostitution, whether legalised as it is here in the Netherlands or not, in that victims of sexual trafficking receive no payment whatsoever.

It is outright sexual slavery and there is absolutely no "choice" involved. They are literally held captive, cut off from all family, friends or others who might help.

They are physically, psychologically, emotionally and sexually abused in the most horrific ways imaginable.

Prostitution one of the ugly truths

Other human trafficking victims are forced to perform labour in factories, on farms and in homes. Statistics also include those forced into marriage. In his work " Human Trafficking and Organised Crime in the US and Western Europe ," John Picarelli describes that while major international organised crime elements are definitely involved on a large scale, participation is not limited to these groups; trafficking in people also involves smaller ad hoc criminal groups and entrepreneurially-minded individual criminals.

The international organisation STOP Stop Trafficking of People maintains that "trafficking is a low risk, high profit industry that operates through elaborate criminal networks worldwide.

Under the motto "Human Trafficking: GIFT brings the resources and attention of key components of the UN structure to bear on this problem. The DNR shows a threefold increase in reported victims from to While there may have been "only" reported victims in the Netherlands inthe chilling truth is that the number of unreported victims is significantly higher.

What can you do?

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Educate yourself about the challenges faced on a daily basis in combating this menace, and how governments, international organisations such as the United Nations and non-governmental organisations such as STOP are fighting to reduce and eventually eliminate this terrible activity.

Let your local and national government know that you support taking a tough stance on dealing with these crimes and back up your support with your vote. Sign online petitions to reflect consensus that these atrocities need to be stopped.

I chronicle making a new life in NL.

Prostitution one of the ugly truths

Always finding the upsideBy exploring YES’s website, one can find concerts, speeches and other activities that YES plans that spread information about sex trafficking and how to stop it.

The Polaris Project runs investigations in all states, provides telephone hotlines and reports on progress made toward ending sex trafficking.

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Apr 27,  · Prostitution looks chic, but truth is ugly. Real face of sex trade is pain, not profit one in which a man of great privilege purchased the sexual services of a woman of far more limited means.

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