Reflective essay political science

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Reflective essay political science

Working as a research assistant for a political science professor taught me a lot about research and academia, but it was also what drove me from that particular major.

Ironically enough, my aspirations came full circle. I abandoned the idea of any sort of political career and dreamt of a career in writing or teaching rather than standing behind a podium or engaging in heavy political analysis.

Now, near the end of my college career, my career aspirations are again of a much more political nature, but this time I dream of communications work instead.

When I announced my plans to change my major, my father was furious. I toyed with the idea of getting an English degree in high school and was informed that I would receive no financial assistance from my parents in that event, thus causing me to resign myself to a political science degree.

Reflective essay political science

However, as I worked through the aforementioned research project with the department, I became unmotivated and lethargic. I decided to change my major to accommodate my love for writing, my interests in understanding Reflective essay political science arguments work, and my even more powerful desire to understand humanity, relationships, and social justice.

The first class I took within my concentration, and the one that ultimately shaped my outlook the most, was Dr. Before taking this class, I held what I now consider dangerous misconceptions about how language and literacy function in our society.

I began to uproot my ideas that reading and writing skills act as saviors in our lives and engaged in deep analysis of my own journey with literacy.

The paper I selected from this course was our optional seminar paper. Harker provides this opportunity to write an additional essay in order to attempt an A in his class.

This was one of the most intimidating assignments I have ever completed, but it was also the most rewarding. It was fascinating to examine the rhetoric of the literacy myth as well as the deeper messages within the novel.

I then decided to enroll in Visual Rhetoric with Dr. This class was a significant challenge for me as it pushed me from my comfort zone. Visual rhetoric studies how people respond to all types of art, design, and visual marketing strategies.

My expertise centers on language, so stepping into an environment where I had to study images was intimidating to say the least. For my final project on this class, I analyzed a flyer from Secular Panthers, one of the clubs I am involved with on campus.

I teamed up with another student who participates in a religious organization. We compared the flyers and discussed how the same types of visual strategies could be used to accomplish entirely different goals.

I also created a video component to this assignment—another aspect that was new to me. The video functioned as a documentary. We interviewed students and asked them to express what worked and what did not about the flyers and even asked the designers themselves to respond. It was rewarding to engage in an exploration of multimedia and to test my own strengths and weaknesses.

Backing up those ideas and the other principles I was learning with the history I learned in Dr. Additionally, I was able to bring a more mature understanding of the concepts to Dr. For example, our discussions of pathos, ethos, and logos were influenced by my prior knowledge built from other classes.

After taking these courses, I felt compelled to start exploring other career paths more seriously. During my sophomore and junior years, my career goals were constantly changing and shifting.Besides a video, I also enjoy learning from diagrams and charts to analyze information on various topics like philosophy and political science.

For example, I can understand the . The reflective essay's average length varies from to words, depending on the requirements and guidelines of your teachers. Therefore, before immersing yourself in creative writing, you should know what your limitations are and make sure not to exceed them.

This is, after all, a personal reflection essay where you get to reflect on a topic. For your conclusion, simply take parts of your introduction, the meatiest sentences of . The table below contains examples of student reflection papers assigned during the session noted.

All papers appear courtesy of MIT or Wellesley College students and are published anonymously unless specifically requested. A Political Reflection on the Individual in A Confederacy of Dunces The American society is world renowned as one of democracy.

Reflective essay political science

It is a nation - state where all people are theoretically created equal and sustains the belief in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Critical Reflective Essay The moment I decided to change my major to English, I was sitting in a room in the Political Science Department.

Working as a research assistant for a political science professor taught me a lot about research and academia, but it was also what drove me from that particular major.

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