Software business planner 2. 0 light

Working with these buttons you are able to conduct diagnostics, view measurement results, create clients cards, get recommendations on color therapy on correspondence zones. You are connected with our Support Team through the Internet Clients list The Clients list is a management database, which records clients' information such as name, last name, phone, etc. Click the button to search for a client by Name, Surname, Date of birth, Date of test. To begin the search, press button.

Software business planner 2. 0 light

Gantt Charts Gantt charts allow you to visualize the project schedule with boxes arranged horizontally. Each row in the chart corresponds to an activity, and each box represents the scheduled time interval of the activity.

Shaded areas correspond to the progress of the activities.

Financial Planning Software and Personal Finance Software.

Close Timetables Timetables let you get a quick overview of what the members of your team will be doing at any point in time according to the project schedule. Each row of the timetable corresponds to a person, equipment or material in your project plan.

Boxes represent the assignments of a resource to a particular activity. Gray areas mark holidays for people and scheduled downtime for equipments. Conflicts between assignments are shaded by red markers.

SU-JOK Pro Manual

Close Availability Indicators When finding the right people to an activity, it is crucial to know who is doing what during the scheduled duration of the activity. Horizon Planner provides an intuitive color-coding for different availability statuses available, resting, unavailable and so on and readily groups people matching a particular filter into availability groups so you can quickly find those who are available for work any time.

Close Availability Charts Availability charts plot the total number of people having a certain capability as well as the total required and assigned people with the same capability as a function of time. The blue curve represents the total quantity, while red and green curves correspond to the required and assigned quantities, respectively.

Resource shortages can easily be identified by finding points where the requirements red curve exceed the total quantity blue curve. Close Filtering and Tagging You can attach arbitrary bits of information to resources, activities and capabilities by using tags.


For example, you can use tags to record which department a person belongs to, which salary category she is in, or what languages she speaks. Even better, you can use these tags later in filters to create complex queries like: Close Problems List Horizon Planner constantly checks the project plan in the background and looks for potential problems like violated precedence relations, conflicting resource assignments, shortage of resources or people being assigned to an activity with a capability that they do not possess.

Any problems identified by Horizon Planner are listed in a collapsible sidebar. Close Key Performance Indicators Resource utilization rates and total available capacities for any groups of resources can be calculated for weeks, months and quarters and plotted in the Timeline view as a function of time so you can easily spot periods when the utilization rate drops below a certain level or is about to reach full utilization.

Utilization rates can also be shown using circular gauges on a separate KPI dashboard view.

software business planner 2. 0 light

Close Report Generators Want to create a team roster that you can give to a team leader to see who she will be working with in a project?

Do you need a short list of the upcoming tasks for the next two weeks? Someone asked you to create a competence matrix for a department? This and many more can all be done with the reporting module in Horizon Planner.SU-JOK Pro USER’S MANUAL GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS.

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software business planner 2. 0 light

The top free project management software options. Bitrix Business management software for small and midsize businesses. Bitrix24 is a collaborative business management solution designed to unite customer relationship management (CRM), project management (PM), human resources (HR), and workflow automation on one platform.

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