T-shirt business plan template free

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T-shirt business plan template free

Strategic use of internet, fax, and email to organize and distribute information and volunteers Covert and public communication important community leaders to cultivate allies Public statements, press releases, petitions, and speeches Distribution of training manuals, frequent workshops for activists Boycotts and strikes by students, artists, actors, and business owners General strikes Defection of both security forces and members of the media Organization that occurred outside the electoral system Election monitors and well-organized election results reporting system Blockades of highways in order to debilitate the economy and demonstrate power Occupation of key public buildings, occasional nonviolent invasions of said buildings Bulldozers moving aside police barricades Examples of specific campaigns[ edit ] Humor was the basis of Otpor's campaigns; it used irony to provoke the government and motivate Serbians to join the movement.

The following are specific campaigns designed by Otpor!

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T-shirt business plan template free activists went to the sidelines and watched as the barrel attracted more and more attention. Police eventually confiscated the barrel. More than 2, citizens had the opportunity to sign the card, and gifts such as handcuffs, a one-way ticket to the Hague, and a prison uniform were received on his behalf.

The Fist is the Salute: Over 50, copies were distributed. The campaign ended on New Year's with a Santa Claus fist poster. Resistance, Because I Love Serbia: The most widespread poster campaign with a circulation ofThis is THE Year: After a night of celebration, Otpor!

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The people were asked to go home peacefully and to think about how they were going to change their situation. In SpringOtpor! A clock showing five minutes to twelve with the slogan "vreme je! Otpor's most well-known campaign.

Close to the elections, volunteers put up over 1, "He's finished! Posters, pamphlets, and condom packages featured stylized image of human brain. Campaign employed by Otpor!

From the wide range of local celebrities and public figures seeking positive attention by wearing Otpor! T-shirts, to Partizan basketball club painting the Otpor!

This widespread popularity inspired even some individuals tied to the former government to become involved with the DOS authorities by praising Otpor!

The pop-culture component of Otpor's activities became especially pronounced in this period. On 16 November, little over a month after the overthrow, Otpor! It started weeks after the revolution with "Samo vas gledamo" We're Watching You campaign, sending the message of accountability to new authorities.

Inthe corruption monitoring becoming the new focus with several new anti-corruption campaigns started Bez anestezije, etc. At the same time, McCarthy himself held a series of meetings with Otpor's leaders in Podgoricaas well as Szeged and Budapest.

He also said he met Otpor! Army Colonel Robert Helvey, who did two tours of duty in the Vietnam War before devoting himself to study of nonviolent resistance methods around the world, including those used in Burma and the civil rights struggle in the American Souththe Serbian students received training in such matters as how to organize a strike, how to communicate with symbols, how to overcome fear and how to undermine the authorities.

End[ edit ] In early Septemberamid internal turmoil, the remnants of Otpor!Create a Strategic Plan Template in minutes using a step-by-step leslutinsduphoenix.com Strategic Plan · Download Instantly · Get Business Loans · Print % FreeTypes: Profit & Loss, Waiver, Non-Compete, WH, Hold-Harmless Form, Job Ap.

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t-shirt business plan template free

Description. This soft cotton t-shirt will keep you warm and comfortable. Perfect for work, weekends, or a chilly summer evening. • % combed ring-spun cotton (athletic heather has 10% polyester).

The T-Shirt Template Test Design.

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