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However, as Executive Director Sharon Toomer wrote in beginning her seemingly unprecedented five-page letter, obtained by Journal-isms, the turnover in executive directors has been high. Six people have held the job sincecounting those who served as consultants or held the role on an interim basis. It is my assessment, based on firsthand experience and observation, that the board is not self-aware enough to recognize its own flaws or its contribution to perpetuating a profoundly troubled culture.

Tampa tribune business reporters

Talking Biz News asked former Tribune business news desk staffers about their time at the paper. Here are some of those.

tampa tribune business reporters

David Szymanski, business reporter and assistant business editor, to I enjoyed working on the business news desk at The Tampa Tribune for a number of reasons. The top one was that as a reporter, I worked with highly self-motivated reporters.

We were all trying to break local news and beat the competition, The St. And day in and day out, we did. It was energizing working in that atmosphere. It made you work harder. That same group had a great sense of humor, so we had fun while doing it. The cast of reporters started to change, but the newcomers had the same drive.

It was like being on a basketball team where everyone wanted to kill the opposition. It made you want to kill them, too. When I became an editor, it was never really the same.

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My job shifted to planning, layout and working with other reporters, as the previous reporters left town and moved on. I enjoyed the new reporters, but in a different way. It was more of a teacher-student, or boss-staff member relationship.

We had some young, aggressive reporters that did excellent work. I had two editors. The second, Steve Matthews, could edit your story carefully and always improve it.

Steve proved that you could be a polite person and still be very good at what you did in the news business. Steve would encourage me to work until the final deadline to break a story and would celebrate when we did.

He was part cheerleader, part editor, part teacher. I did not like working for some editors.

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That was not true of Steve. We had no Internet, no Bloomberg, no PCs, no cell phones, no email when we started. It was about the telephone, coffees, lunches, meetings, sources and relationships. We covered local companies, not personal finance.

I agreed with that. We covered where people worked. Other publications handled personal finance. But I also miss those days.Get Tampa Bay area news, weather, things to do, sports news and other information from tbo. The battle by the larger Times to take over the entire Tampa Bay area, and the Tribune’s fight to hang on, playing out against the broad collapse of the metro paper business model, has put financial pressure on both publications.

Times/WTSP reporters analyzed more than 1 million records detailing the spending of former U.S. lawmakers and federal candidates. They found roughly of these zombie campaigns, still spending even though their candidate’s political career had been laid to rest.

The following business journalists offered these comments to Talking Biz News after news this week that the Tampa Tribune, one of their former employers, was . Critics opposed grocery chain's donation to Adam Putnam, a GOP candidate for governor. WFLA Web Staff - TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) -- The Tampa Bay Times announced on Tuesday that it had purchased the Tampa Tribune and its related publications.

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