The green leaves

While strawberries are eaten in salads, smoothies and even cooked dishes, their green stems are not edible.

The green leaves

There are 9 possible reasons why your plant's leaves are turning yellow 1.

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The "Good News" reason is that leaves naturally turn from green to yellow then brownish and dry and shriveled All plants? Nature re-captures the nutrients from the old leaves into the main plant and the leaf color becomes yellow What to do?

Nothing, except relax, Nature is in control 2. Sudden unexpected cold If a plant is used to suitable conditions then cold comes in, leaf yellowing and leaf drop is common What to do? Usually nothing, except with potted plants. If you expect more cold, shelter your plant indoors in a warm, bright area where people are comfortable But Here is our article on how to successfully winterise your potted plants to bring indoors for the winter 3.

Heat Many plants comfortable in moderate temperature conditions can "complain" by dropping leaves with ongoing excess heat. The time from green to yellow to drop can be very fast What to do? Consider if a better location is possible for this plant.

For example, rather than a full sun location, a spot with afternoon shade could be your permanent solution 3. Too wet Too much water chokes roots and very often causes leaf yellowing In the case of potted plants, you control the water In the landscape, your sprinklers may need adjusting 4.

Too dry If water is needed and not available, a plant can not "hold" all its leaves. In defense plants shed leaves.

The green leaves

In this case the green to yellow to drop process can be very fast What plants want is consistent water for best growth and daily happiness.

Cactus and succulents in general require excellent drainage and no standing water, otherwise, you see yellow leaves and leaf drop 5. Your new plant suddenly is getting sick fast. Yellow leaves are developing rapidly and leaf drop is scary This situation is very common.

We call this "decline" and yellow leaves are the first symptom. We have a separate article on this subject 6. Fertilizer, especially liquid chemical fertilizers Folks tend to use fertilizers in excess. Too much fertilizer, especially liquid chemical fertilizers, create a toxic situation and rapid leaf yellowing burn is the result Fertilization is a very important subject and so we have a separate article on fertilization 8.

Disease There is virtually no technology for plant diseases. Scientists study causes but the "cures" side of the equation is almost zero Your best defense is promoting plant health especially with proper feeding 9.

Damage Improper maintenance, often via your lawn man, can cause plant damage, like when using a weed whacker. You may not see because you don't look closely where equipment may have hurt your plants. Be sure you know how to manage your lawn man for starters Damaged plants may be able to heal themselves.As a strawberry is picked, the plant’s hydrogen cyanide is vented in gas form through the leaves as a deterrent to pests.

As such, the green stem of a freshly picked strawberry would still have its allotment of hydrogen cyanide. The green leaves of Summer are callin' me home. 'Twas so good to be young then, with the sweet smell of apples, And the owl in the pine tree a-winkin' his eye.

A time just for plantin', a time just for ploughin'. A time just for livin', a place for to die. Green is green because you learnt that as a child, that the color of the plants leaves is called green. As long as we all agree we understand one each another even in winter when at many places.

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What exactly does this indicate?

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Does it mean there are Pokémon in the area? Have you ever wondered why leaves change from green to an amazing array of yellow, orange and red during the fall?

Leaves get their brilliant colors from pigments made up of various size, color.

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