The ripple effect essay

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The ripple effect essay

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Ultimately the ripple effect is immeasurable, which makes contemplating our own actions all the more fascinating. However, it is an underdeveloped concept in the social sciences, as we are confronted by the problem of free will, the sociology of knowledge, and various obstacles to data collection.

Sometimes there are direct observable consequences to our actions, but for the most part the effects of our daily routines are unseen in any intelligible way. While the risks we face are systemic and seemingly beyond our control, on some level one must reduce society to its individual unit: From an initial state, a singular action is absorbed throughout the system.

Like a drop of water on calm lake, that energy, ever so subtle, is transferred outwards in concentric circles. The metaphor of water is particularly compelling. Water is such a dynamic force, like our potential for social action. Water can be refreshing and revitalizing, it can be thirst quenching; cut steel at high pressures; it can sculpt mountains in geologic time; it can drown you; it is essential for life; I will write a separate article on water later, so as not to go into too much detail here.

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What is important is that we our conscious and self-aware of our actions. The script also provides insight into the effects of our past on our present and future. In the script, Roderick is confronted by an event in his past, buried deep under water in the ocean that is his subconscious.

Awareness of our interconnectedness has been restated by heroes throughout history. Our tiny altruistic actions can have a large aggregate effect.

The ripple effect essay

Bound by the normative social contract of paying forward that favor on to strangers, a positive feedback mechanism is created, that will eventually effect you as well. If you happen to partake in the illusion of free will then humans are uniquely situated to transcend determinism and act in accordance with a universal will, as opposed to petty reactionary self-interest.

In most cases his action is governed by impulse or habit. First of all, it is more accurate to say that knowledge is power when applied, but second it is most appropriate to say true knowledge applied correctly is conducive to power that is constructive, and thus, more good.

Finally, it is not complete unless we reflexively understand the positive or negative effects of our individual power and reform our action accordingly. In the global village in which we now live, we must appreciate the effects of our actions on both the micro and macro scales.

For the healthy functioning of a global society and planetwe must appreciate our purpose within the grand scheme of things, and take action that is that causes healthy ripples throughout time and space.

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The ripple effect essay

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Try the best inspiration from a . The Cold War () essay. The Cold War is considered to be a significant event in Modern World History. The Cold War dominated a rather long time period: between , or the end of the World War II, and , the collapse of the USSR.

The Ripple Effect: How Our Smallest Design Choices Can Make A Big Impact The rules of typography and information design provide us with a framework with which to design.

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Apr 11,  · The ripple effect, how our actions affect other people. by wherethesunisalwaysshining on April 11, We are all the same, underneath the outer layers we all have feelings, emotions.

The “ripple effect” of tragedy is something we tend to focus on, with collateral damage spanning generations and affecting us intra and interpersonally, socially, economically, and psychologically.

The ripple effect of September 11th's terrorist attack upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has created an enormous void in America's economy.5/5(3).

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