The treatment of arab americans essay

With the rise of Islam in the seventh century A.

The treatment of arab americans essay

While Arab Americans enjoy the same basic rights enshrined in the federal and various state Constitutions, some of them have been subjected to various forms of discrimination that have infringed upon these basic rights.

I will survey these areas The treatment of arab americans essay follows: The paper concludes with a discussion on various means to prevent discriminatory practices with specific recommendations for the classroom. Basic Rights 1The Constitution of the United States is one of our most precious resources for understanding the basic rights that are the backbone of the American legal system.

Everyone in the United States—citizen, permanent resident, visitor or foreign student—has some rights and protections in common, which are granted by the United States Constitution.

The First Amendment of the U. Constitution guarantees the right of freedom of expression for everyone.

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This very short amendment ensures that everyone in this country may express his or her own opinions and beliefs in public. Because of the First Amendment, it is entirely legal for a person to attend a political rally or work for a political group openly, whether that person is a U.

For example, the right of a foreign student to join student organizations that address political issues is protected under the First Amendment.

Additionally, this amendment enshrines the freedom of religion for all individuals to espouse a religious belief or to have no religious belief. The Fourteenth Amendment also guarantees this right, and it emphasizes that everyone must be treated equally under the law.

For example, the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination against anyone exercising his or her constitutional rights, privileges and immunities. This applies to both citizens and non-citizens. The Civil Rights Act provides the legal means for an individual to protest, should he or she encounter discrimination when trying to rent an apartment, applying to schools or universities, and applying for a job.

The FOIA has been a tool for Americans to correct injustices, abuses and corruption in government; it is a way to keep government honest and open.

And finally, the Privacy Act guarantees everyone, citizens and non-citizens, the right to examine records pertaining to an individual in order to correct any errors.

The issues facing Arab Americans are an integral part of the larger discourse on ethnic and hyphenated American identities. Within hours of the terrorist attacks of September 11, Americans Middle Eastern and South Asian descent were targeted for acts of hate, violence, discrimination, racial profiling, and economic ruin as a direct result of the heightened negative generalized media and government scrutiny of Arabs.

The unfortunate message is that the crowd is marching on behalf of our country, not yours, and a mosque is viewed as an anti-USA symbol.

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Although age old, hate crimes have developed as a special category of American criminal law in the past quarter century.

Most states have adopted laws explicitly criminalizing hate crimes or enhancing penalties for underlying crimes where bias is a motivating factor or both.

Additionally, the Hate Crimes Statistics Act HCSA of requires the Justice Department to collect information about hate crimes as part of its regular information-gathering function.

HCSA defines hate crimes in terms of twelve predicate offenses such as crimes against property or persons and five types of bias race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and disability.

HCSA reports of religiously based hate crimes list anti-Islamic ones as a specific category. They reflect only the reporting of hate crimes to local police, and, even then, only the portion that local police agencies go on to report to the federal government.

The treatment of Arab Americans after 9/11 | Brett Asselin

The data almost definitely underreport the actual incidents of hate crimes. The act raised immediate alarms within the civil rights and civil liberties communities. The Act has been the source for a series of Department of Justice initiatives and executive orders that gave the government more investigative powers and changed immigration rules to make them more restrictive to those coming from Middle Eastern countries.

Racial profiling denies persons equal treatment and protections under the laws. The only difference now is that it has a more politically correct name. According to recent polls, 66 percent of whites and 71 percent of African-Americans support the ethnic profiling of individuals who look to be Arab.

For example, President Bush issued an executive order authorizing the creation of military tribunals to try non-citizens alleged to be involved in international terrorism. A number of U.Are there any similarities between the treatment of German Americans during WWI and the treatment of Islamic Americans and Arab Americans after 9/11?

Write a five-paragraph essay to compare and contrast attitudes, issues, and actions of the two eras.5/5(1). Feb 22,  · The Treatment of Arab and Middle Eastern Americans since September 11, The Terrorist attacks by a group of Saudi Arabian Al Quaida members on The World Trade Center on September 11 th , changed many people perceptions on Arab and Middle Eastern Americans.

What was it like for immigrant Muslims and Arab-Americans in the wake of 9/11?

The treatment of arab americans essay

Ten years on, three people tell their stories. Feb 22,  · The Treatment of Arab and Middle Eastern Americans since September 11, The Terrorist attacks by a group of Saudi Arabian Al Quaida members on The World Trade Center on September 11th , changed many people perceptions on Arab and Middle Eastern Americans.

Since September 11th there is a general mistrust. The prejudice toward Arab Americans is still rampant in a post-9/11 world, said associate professor Germine Awad in a lecture on the ongoing bias in the U.S. against Middle Easterners. Awad’s. According to Steven Salaita, the author of Anit-Arab Racism in the USA, “Anti-Arab racism has existed in the United States since the arrival of the first Arab in North America, but since 9/11 anti-Arab racism is, to use a cliché, America’s elephant in the living room—an enormous elephant, at that” (Salaita 7).

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