Write a memory we shared her

After more than two weeks underground, the 13 people trapped in a Thai cave are finally being rescued.

Write a memory we shared her

After more than two weeks underground, the 13 people trapped in a Thai cave are finally being rescued. The soccer team's dramatic survival story was followed around the world, as rescuers rushed to save them from a flooded cave.

write a memory we shared her

But sadly, one of the brave volunteers who risked his life to save the boys will not be celebrating their rescue. Even years after leaving the armed forces, Gunan kept in touch with his fellow veterans and their training activities. So when news broke that a team of young boys and their coach were trapped in a cave, Gunan volunteered to help.

In a video shot by Gunan before heading to the rescue site, he said he wanted to "bring the boys back home. Royal Thai Army Gunan's work as an expert diver was crucial: He died by drowning in the early morning last Friday, while bringing fresh air canisters into the cave.

write a memory we shared her

Other rescuers tried to revive Gunan on site but could not. On Sunday, expert divers began to guide the trapped boys out of the cave in small groups. So far there is no update on the boys' condition, but earlier videos of them inside the cave showed them smiling. Waleepon Gunan remembers her husband as an adventurous man with a big heart.

She remembered her husband as an athletic and charitable man in an interview with the BBC. I really loved him. A military funeral and a smaller service in his hometown were planned, with the Thai monarchy offering to cover the bill for both ceremonies.

For Waleepon, the only way to cope with her painful emotions is through pride for her late husband and his bravery. Let's all honor Sgt.

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